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"My true passion is connecting
Emart to explore every avenue
of their marketing needs."



Since 2012


ELUO C&C has brought
tangible results and
continuous evolution
for Emart.

Our partnership with Emart, the largest retailer and most popular supermarket chain in Korea, goes back to 2012 when Emart strategically prepared for the future shift of customers’ shopping. ELUO’s digital marketing strategy has become the primary driver of building up Emart digital culture. Since 2012, we’ve been providing exceptional ITO services for 14 Emart’s mobile web/app channels to deliver great CX experience at all stages of their customer journey. The significant outcomes — effective digital solutions at scale to drive compelling customer experience, intelligent operations, and smart supply chain management — have proved ELUO’s dedication and hard work.
Contactless Retail Strategy

Emart Marketing App

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Operations & Marketing

Emart Web/ App

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Emart O2O Marketing Service

Scan-and-See Info

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Emart Electronman

AR Game
Touch Attack

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With the help
of our actionable insights,
KT has outperformed
in the fast-moving
telecommunications industry.

ELUO C&C has a long and fruitful partnership with KT, Korea’s largest comprehensive communications operator whose passion is to become the most valuable global brand with a customer-first strategy. With ‘customer-centric’ as the top priority, we’ve helped KT grow above and beyond their expectations from the first project in 2013. Since then, KT has designated our marketing team for multiple projects —, KT Shop, KT Direct, etc. Now, ELUO team is ready to be at the forefront with KT to guide customers through 5G innovation service to leverage the value of KT’s brand power. For KT’s digital transformation, we will build a better digital platform with powerful marketing strategies, and more personalized content services based on the customer’s lifestyle, technology-based innovations, and the latest UX design trends.
Trustworthy Marketing Partner & KT Shop

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for KT Shop
Online Shopping Mall for Telecom

KT Direct
Web Development

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Contactless Mobile Shopping

‘One-Minute Order,
One-Hour Delivery’

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L'Oréal Group’s


ELUO C&C understands
the DNA of L'Oréal’s business
that aims to move and
shape the world.

L'Oréal formulated a business strategy — Universalization — to respect the diversity from different backgrounds and cultures, and pursue its mission of ‘Beauty for All’. To support the L'Oréal’s vision, ELUO team has played an increasingly vital role as a digital strategy partner. Almost all of L'Oréal Korea’s e-commerce platforms are supported by Demandware and Sitecore. Due to our extensive experience and know-how in operating those platforms, we’ve provided a consistent brand experience to local customers while supporting unexpected technical issues. As part of our multichannel sales strategy, ELUO team adopted the integrated sales channel of Shop-in-Shop (SiS) ecommerce platform to meet current demands of the market and therefore, it drove profitable customer action.

L'Oréal Korea’s Digital
Consulting Partner
for its Digital Transformation


Hotel & Resort


Digital Experience,
Paradise Group

Paradise Group has grown into a global tourist landmark with the aim of being a ‘Destination Creator’ to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through its finest luxury services. ELUO team crafted a website with four key concepts of its corporate philosophy — Rest, Pleasure, Inspiration, and Sharing — in a bold way with carefully selected images and interactive design to improve their online presence. The new digital platform was successful in resonating with the passion and authenticity of Paradise’s value throughout Paradise Group, Paradise City, Paradise Casino, and Paradise Hotel Busan.


Fresh Approach to Corporate Blog

Paradise Group
Blog Design

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e-commerce Platform
for La Roche Posay


We created a digital space
to maximize
its global brand value.

Over 40 years, La Roche-Posay defines its mission to improve people’s lives with sensitive skins by placing its expertise at the heart of its products. Our experienced team created a digital space where customers can experience the La Roche Posay’s brand, not just their products. We renewed the e-commerce site for La Roche-Posay to build more authentic and profitable relationship with their customers by effectively delivering the purpose, goals, and intention of its innovative skincare solutions.

La Roche Posay:
We Create
Brand Value
Beyond Products.

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Beyond Web Management

Digital Marketing for
La Roche Posay

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Novita Commerce
as a Premium


A ELUO team of experts
powered up Novita's
e-commerce platform.

Kohler Novita is a new company created by
Novita and Kohler, a luxury bathroom and kitchen
brand. Novita incorporates the philosophy of
Kohler’s 150 years of know-how and innovative
technology into its designs. With such leading
edge design and innovation, Novita becomes
a global leader in manufacture of kitchen and
bath products. Novita also has set a new trend
for Korea’s high-tech bathroom standard.
Team ELUO developed Novita’s brand commerce
site to effectively delivers its intention to improve
customers’ lifestyle experience with its high-end
bath products. We also created a digital space
where users can interact with its premium brand
by portraying the Novita’s philosophy of ‘Clean,
Comfort, and Minimal’ design with content
storytelling and visual communication strategy.
After successfully completing its website
development project, our team has continued to
improve a user experience with a seamless UI/UX
when providing its annual web maintenance services.
Think Better!


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the Financial


At ELUO, we're pioneering the digital
financial revolution in partnership
with industry leaders such as
KB Kookmin Bank, Hana Bank,
and Korea Investment & Securities.

Korea Investment & Securities : M.ZIP is an innovative investment insight platform within Korea Investment & Securities' trading service app. This platform, specifically designed for the MZ generation, delivers engaging and contemporary financial content that is easily digestible even for first-time investors. At ELUO, we created this content based on our in-depth understanding of the MZ generation and user-friendly financial services. We also provide ongoing annual website maintenance as its digital partner.
Hana Bank : The 100-year Living Trust Center by Hana Bank is a trust-based asset management platform, providing comprehensive inheritance solutions. As trust becomes a significant financial trend in our era of longevity, it's crucial to provide accurate and valuable information to users. Rising to this challenge, ELUO skillfully crafted the Living Trust Center website, demystifying complex financial products and bringing clarity to users.
KB Kookmin Bank : We've reshaped the way users interact with KB Kookmin Bank's digital content by introducing a unique yet user-friendly interface. ELUO thoughtfully curated the bank's financial product guides and informational content, employing innovative designs that feature lively illustrations, diagrams, and other visual elements. This creative approach, combined with our empathetic UX writing, bridges the gap between users and financial information, fostering a stronger, more meaningful connection.
ELUO Financial Project Development

Simplifying Your
Financial Experience for
Greater Convenience

Hana Bank
KB Kookmin
Bank Project
Korea Investment
& Securities Project
Korea Investors
Service Project