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In Search of Your Dream

Turn your big dreams into reality:
Good things happen when you let yourself dream.
We call it visioning, and it helps you stimulate great ideas.
Let us dream together, work together, and change the world together.

ELUO’s Welfare

  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote work
  • Five-day work week
  • 15 days of annual paid leave
  • Severance payment
  • Employee referral bonus
  • Assistance for special occasions
Hong's Day

Leaving work early
on the last Friday
of every month


In-office massage
service for relaxation

Club Activities

Employee engagement
activities to refresh the workplace

Long-term Employee Benefits

One-month paid vacation for 10/ 15 /20 years of empolyment

Child Care Support

One-year maternity leave
Three-month maternity leave after birth

Self Development

Support for Career-Centric
Training Expenses

ELUO work ethic ELUO WAY 10+1

01. I don’t do the project. I own the project.
02. I am a self-motivator and a leader of
my project.
03. I understand the essence of my project and
concentrate on what matters most.
04. I believe that everyone plays an equal role
in achieving successful outcomes.
05. I tackle changes & challenges, and solve
06. I provide positive and constructive
feedback to create an innovative workplace.
07. I break down hierarchies for better
08. I put common interests before myself
to deliver a more excellent outcome.
09. I encourage and empower my team
through good manners.
10. I know that my actions build trust and
speak louder than words.
10+1. To the top as a team.


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