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Maybelline New York Maybelline New York
& Maintenance

PC Web / Mobile Web / Brand / Operations
2016 ~ Current

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L'Oréal Korea, the global cosmetic enterprise, is in the process of overhauling the brand site of Maybelline New York on a global scale. When localizing the website in Korea, ELUO team applied the global guidelines with the identical tone-and-manner style used for its global site to provide a consistent brand experience for local customers while at the same time adopting the content and design tailed to local tastes and cultural expectations.

All e-commerce sites of Maybelline New York use the same CMS and module regardless of the country to deliver a consistent brand experience. Korea, Twain, Thailand, and Indonesia joined the second release project, and ELUO C&C successfully executed the web localization for L'Oréal group.

As a digital strategy partner for L'Oréal Korea, our experienced team implemented the localized sign-in, privacy policy, and map APIs while meeting the global guideline. Also, our native English-speaking employees played a significant role in leading the project at a global level by communicating with its global agencies and local partners on a deeper level, and utilizing their language proficiency when developing multi-lingual websites.